Wings @ Blues: Updates, Lineups, Keys to the Game

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Wings @ Blues: Updates, Lineups, Keys to the Game

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SchmaltzCarter HuttonJake AllenKeys to the GameCry in the night if it helpsI have had enough of the penalty kill. Or rather, the LACK of penalty killing. Every penalty killed seems more like an accident the past two months. Penalty negligent homicide maybe? Here's the good news, the Blues PP is fourth worst in the NHL. Their PK isn't too bad, they sit middle of the pack, but our PP is good enough that we can certainly take advantage of it Detroit Red Wings Shop. Bottom line, we could really use a game where the penalty kill is perfect. Plus, we don't want to give the Blues a shot of confidence by letting them beat up on our special teams all night. Not that we actually care what the Blues do the rest of the season, but it's always nice to spoil things for other teams.Dare I even ask for a shorty?Well, I'm a cement mixerTatar certainly leaves big skates to fill in our lineup, and an opportunity for the Blashill Bingo Wheel Of Doom to go to work and really mix things up if he wants. Looking forward into March, we should see some Griffins get a look - including Svechnikov - but for tonight it sounds like we're using the pieces we have. Bertuzzi is expected to get more time, and he has the potential to be a definite sparkplug with his GRIT and his deceptively sneaky hands If he takes another dumb penalty I assume he will be sent to the Griffins in more than just a paper transaction Kidding, I hope.Just when you think your trouble's about to endI want to win, because I hate the Blues. I don't remember why right now, but I will within the first 5 minutes of the game. However, I'm also disturbed by the surge of confidence filtering through the organ-i-zation right now. Yes I love seeing the Wings win, I love seeing the players have individual success and not seeing #DepressedZetterberg, but every point gained makes the situation a little more worrisome.The Wings are still talking playoffs. Having that goal not be impossible may light a fire that gives each player that little extra oomph they need to win the tough games. The March schedule is a large hurdle, but hey miracles happen. Maybe we win the Stanley Cup and the entire earth goes hurtling out of the solar system from the entropy.

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